WALKBRIGHT is a registered trademark of AchieveMark USA, a family business based in Lake Oswego, Oregon. 

Contact: sales@walkbright.com

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  • Designed with safety in mind: 

    • Bright 100+ lumen LED light in front and vibrant red LED tail-light in back provide 360 visibility.


  • Easy to carry:

    • Lightweight and easy to hold.

    • Small enough to fit nicely in a pocket, purse, backpack, or car glove box.


  • Built to last:

    • Hardened aluminum body.

    • Super high-quality switch.

    • Water and shock resistant.

    • Long battery life. Three AAA batteries required. (Not included.)


  • Simple to use:

    • Click once: White front light only.

    • Click twice: White front light and red rear light at the same time. This is the ideal mode for walking at night.

    • Click three times: Red rear light only.


Legal Disclaimer: The WALKBRIGHT Pedestrian Flashlight contains small parts and is not intended for children under the age of three. Proper use of this product may increase visibility in darkened conditions but does not offer complete protection against potential accidents. This product is not a substitute for being an attentive pedestrian at all times. Do not look directly into the LED light.